Our Story

Let's Take It Back to the Start

Tyler Monks fell in love with surfing and the beach lifestyle as a young grom. On his 15th birthday, he headed down the coast of California for a family surf trip. He caught his first roller in Santa Cruz and was instantly hooked. Tyler sported major surf brand apparel, listened to the Beach Boys with his dad, plastered pro surfer posters on his walls, and counted the days leading to every summer vacation spent among the sun, sand, and big surf.

As the waves grew, so did his passion.

Tyler finally made his way to the North Shore of Oahu. Paradise was everything he imagined. He was fascinated by heavy waves breaking off the coral reef at Hale’iwa and surfers charging 20 foot tropical swells at Waimea Bay. Most of all, he was intrigued by the Islanders’ way of life. Influenced by their ancient tribal cultures, their main focus of living simple, present, and joyful lives truly connected them to nature and to each other. Tyler resolved to bring that same mindset back to the mainland with him. He moved to a small studio in San Diego on PCH to cruise waves after work until sunset everyday. Even without much, Tyler was blissfully happy with this newfound mindset, allowing him time in the water, time for himself, and time for his community.

A move that made him think.

Several years later, Tyler found himself tempted to see if the grass was greener in the corporate world. Although pay was good, he was grinding at a stressful job, enduring cold Utah winters instead of grinding surf in the sun. His job was dramatically affecting his physical and mental health. Tyler had lost sight of what truly mattered and knew the trade was not worth it. After suffering a pulmonary embolism in 2017, Tyler realized he was no longer living a life with intention. He felt he had more to do and see. He missed the healthier and happier way of life he once knew.

The return to happiness.

Tyler sold everything and moved to Florida where he could enjoy sunny days, swaying palm trees, and endless surf to begin healing and living again. His second chance at life coupled with his surfing experience inspired the creation of Lava Lifestyle Co: a quality line of eco-friendly, high-quality, surf- styled accessories that can be worn all day, everyday – in the surf, sand, and sun. Lava accessories were designed to move others to be true to their authentic selves, chose what matters, respect the environment, and live life intentionally.


Lava Lifestyle Cō Founder - Tyler Monks